About Us

Berkeley Lab's Mexico Energy Initiative seeks to play an important role in supporting Mexico's transition to greater clean energy production, more efficient use of energy and aggressive carbon emissions reductions. Understanding energy use around the world is of critical importance to the United States, and working with Mexico enhances our strategic understanding of energy use worldwide.

About Us

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Mexico Energy Initiative

The Mexico Energy Initiative is building on more than two decades of collaboration with Mexico, and similar models of successful collaboration with China and India at Berkeley Lab, to help Mexico make lasting progress in the areas of policy development, scientific exchange, capacity building and implementation of energy efficiency programs. We supply the data to enable both the U.S. and Mexico understand the implications of energy decisions and energy impacts.

Already the second-largest Latin American economy, Mexico is the major regional leader in the area, and is now emerging as a clean energy force in the developing world and is actively pursuing strategic partnerships to advance its renewable energy and energy efficiency goals. California, for its part, has become a national and global leader in clean technology investment and policy development. The current political and economic alignment between Mexico and California in support of clean energy development and implementation is both opportune and unprecedented, offering real economic and environmental benefits for both countries, and will likely serve as a compelling model for developing economies across the globe.

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